Superuser Awards

The community and Superuser editorial advisors have weighed in on the finalists and chosen City Network  at the OpenStack Berlin Summit Superuser Awards sponsored by Zenko.

City Network’s research and development, professional services, education and engineering teams were one of five nominees for the Superuser Awards.

Previous winners, the Ontario Institute of Cancer Research (OICR), presented the award on stage during Wednesday’s keynotes.

Here are some details on the scale of their private cloud: “We run our public OpenStack based cloud in eight regions across three continents. All of our data centers are interconnected via private networks. In addition to our public cloud, we provide a pan-European cloud for verticals where regulatory compliance is paramount (e.g. banking and financial services, government, healthcare) addressing all regulatory challenges. Over 2,000 users of our infrastructure-as-a-service solutions run over 25,000 cores in production.”

Nominees for this round of awards included AdForm, Cloud&Heat, Linaro and ScaleUp Technologies.

The Summit Superuser Awards are sponsored by Zenko.

Stay tuned for news on when the nominations open for the Denver Open Infrastructure Summit.