About Superuser

Superuser is a new online publication created by the OpenStack Foundation to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaborative problem solving among individuals who are running OpenStack clouds of all sizes, across all industries. Topics will range from actionable how-tos and case studies to broader issues like organizational culture and vendor management.

Over the past three years, our team has met countless individuals who are not only helping their organizations adopt OpenStack software, but are truly transforming the way they do business from the ground up. We decided to name the new publication “Superuser” as a nod to these change agents, who we believe are making their organizations competitive in the current software-defined economy.

This publication was built to chronicle the work of superusers, and their many accomplishments individually and organizationally. Our goal is to amplify their impact. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll bring superusers together to share their stories, and in so doing help shape this new economy in a way that benefits us all.

How can you get involved?

Please read the publication, share articles with your network and provide feedback to [email protected].

We are especially interested in contributed content, Q&A interviews and case studies if you have a story to tell. Please submit ideas to [email protected]. For your reference, more details are under the heading “Contributed Pieces.”

If you are an OpenStack user interested in helping shape the content, please subscribe to our editorial team mailing list. This is where we will discuss story ideas, review editorial calendars and solicit feedback from the editorial advisors and user community.

Here are some other ways you can be involved too.

Editorial Advisory Board

We have started a stellar Editorial Advisory Board comprised of volunteers from the OpenStack community who have experience running OpenStack clouds.

  • Tom Fifield Headshot Tom Fifield OpenStack Foundation
  • Sean Roberts Headshot Sean Roberts Yahoo!
  • Glenn Ferguson Headshot Glenn Ferguson Wells Fargo
  • Alejandro Comisario Headshot Alejandro Comisario MercadoLibre
  • Das Kamhout Headshot Das Kamhout Intel IT
  • Guillaume Aubuchon Headshot Guillaume Aubuchon Digital Film Tree
  • Tim Bell Headshot Tim Bell CERN
  • Shilla Saebi Headshot Shilla Saebi Comcast

If you are a good candidate to join that group, or you know someone who is, please contact [email protected] and use [Editorial Advisor] in the subject line.

Contributed Pieces

We love guest contributions and we’re eager to see yours. Superuser is designed to have many voices.

Submissions should tally between 750–1,250 words and must be vendor-agnostic, non-negotiably. In your italicized bio at the bottom of the post you are welcome to link to your own organization, Twitter profile, etc. If we accept a contribution piece, we will expect you to work with our editors to make any necessary revisions.

In general, bold, broad arguments and/or reports from the field that are nonetheless well-evidenced and “in conversation” with other pieces of content are preferred. We like lessons from history, we like “right now” trends, and we like missives from the future.

We will only consider contributed content exclusively. Do not pitch your piece to multiple publications simultaneously. If you’ve published a piece on your personal or corporate blog, and would like us to consider posting it here, please see “Syndication” below.

In return, we promise to give you a “yes” or a “no” within five business days. After your piece is published, we encourage you to add it to your own site with an excerpt and a link.

If your contributed content is of a high caliber we may approach you about a recurring gig as a Superuser columnist.

We do not accept payment nor do we provide payment for any contributed content.

To submit a contributed piece please contact [email protected] and use [Contributed Content] in the subject line.

News Pitches

In general, Superuser does not cover news. We leave that work to others.

But, please send us your news regardless as an FYI. We’ll include the best of what’s out there in our regular roundups, quotes of the day, etc. We always like to stay informed. News is not an intrusion. Please just understand that we’re focused more on analysis, and higher-order narrative.

To submit a news pitch, please contact [email protected] and use [News FYI] in the subject line.

General Tips and Story Ideas

We love tips and we love story ideas. Bring it on.

Show us what we’re missing. Pitch us on new ideas. Sends us the names of people and companies whose work deserves a feature story or a profile.

To submit a tip or story idea, please contact [email protected] and use [Tips & Ideas] in the subject line.

Case Studies

We’re keen to see case studies, and we will consider publishing them, usually with some analysis of our own to add context.

Case studies that you submit to Superuser should be “editorial” in nature. That is, they should avoid being salesy. They should focus on the “what” and the “why.”

We do not necessarily need to see case studies in the traditional problem-solution rubric, or similar. The best case studies mix anecdotal and empirical evidence in a compelling way.

To submit a case study, please email [email protected] and use [Case Studies] in the subject line.


We are interested in syndicating relevant blogs and articles. When we syndicate others’ content, we use standard attribution and a link back to the source, as is customary. No money changes hands.

We are also open to discussing syndication of our original content with other publishers. To discuss potential syndication (in either direction), please contact [email protected] and use [Syndication] in the subject line.

Other Important Policies

Superuser does not sell advertising nor do we accept sponsorships of any kind. We also do not participate in any kind of link-building relationships.

From time to time we may promote Openstack events and initiatives.

Our goal is to build a credible, independent publication. Superuser does not coordinate its coverage with our member companies, members of the Board, or anyone else.

Superuser works hard to make sure that any author that we publish clearly states any potential conflicts of interest, such as investments in companies mentioned, and/or friendly or familial relationships that might influence editorial. If you are aware that any such conflict has not been disclosed, please alert us immediately.

Our editors and contributors are variously members of our team, members of the community, and professional journalists.