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Open source contribution and collaboration: How (and why) Netflix drives industry engagement

Netflix's director of engineering talked about collaboration driven by industry in a grassroots way with Spinnaker, an open-source, continuous deployment platform.

on May 11, 2017

Cross project collaboration in the OpenStack community

With more than 50 projects including in the Big Tent, Mike Perez emphasizes the need for cross project collaboration, including more widespread involvement.

on May 13, 2016

OpenStack and OPNFV strengthen collaboration for telcos

Kathy Cacciatore, OpenStack Foundation consulting marketing manager, reports from the first OPNFV Summit.

on November 23, 2015

Cross-community collaboration: strengthening ties with OPNFV

Together, OPNFV and OpenStack provide a comprehensive, innovative and constantly evolving set of NFV capabilities for end users, says Brandon Wick of The Linux Foundation.

on June 30, 2017

OpenStack at 10: different code, same collaboration?

In the next five years, Individual Director Rob Hirschfeld says that he expects the community governance and interaction models being developed now will endure beyond the code.

on March 23, 2015

Collaboration and code beat hype and ego every time

The LAMP stack model sheds light on what’s next in open infrastructure.

on September 12, 2017

Building a collaborative community around open source

Community innovation and collaboration serve as the inspiration for the first Open Source Summit.

on September 19, 2017

Innovate, collaborate, replicate

“What we’ve really created,” says Bryce, “is a competitive marketplace for ideas that really values implementation and contribution.”

on September 20, 2016

Collaborate or die: why no tech company is too big to fail

Mark Collier, OpenStack Foundation COO, lays it on the line in day two of the Summit keynote. Also, smart cities, even smarter scientists and the next Hackathon.

on April 26, 2016

Why OpenStack and Kubernetes are better together

Collaboration is key with these two powerhouse open-source platforms.

on September 27, 2016

Collaborate or die: OPNFV and OpenStack communities work together to advance NFV

Heather Kirksey, executive director of OPNFV, explains the OPNFV project, its work to help the telecom industry realize network functions virtualization (NFV) as an open source project, and how OPNFV works with OpenStack.

on May 7, 2016

Share your OpenStack playbook: Midokura

Midokura opens its startup playbook, highlighting the importance of collaboration in the ecosystem and offering tips for fellow startups.

on January 12, 2016

Meet volume multi-attach, a great new feature in OpenStack Queens

Years of collaboration in the making, Ildiko Vancsa offers a preview of this much-awaited feature in the Queens release.

on February 27, 2018

Bringing Research to the Cloud

How the NeCTAR Research Cloud is breaking down silos, improving collaboration, and dramatically reducing the time it takes to access disparate data sources in the research community.

on November 7, 2014

Chris Anderson on how the cloud fosters innovation

“We’re not going to beat the competition by raising more money or being smarter than they are,” Anderson said at the Linux Collaboration Summit. “We’ll do it by being more open.”

on February 18, 2015

The state of open source in 2015

Allison Randal, the president of the Open Source Initiative describes how open source fosters collaboration and drives innovation.

on October 29, 2015

Working together: OpenStack and Kubernetes

This week at KubeCon North America, get plugged in to collaborative initiatives between the OpenStack and Kubernetes communities.

on December 4, 2017

What’s new at the Vancouver Summit

As the OSF focuses on open infrastructure, get ready to experience a new Summit.

on March 15, 2018

Inside the first OpenStack Forum

Tom Fifield, OpenStack community manager, talks to SuperuserTV about the benefits of combining developers and operators in a new OpenStack Summit component called the Forum, which replaced the Design Summit that took place during previous Summits. This new event removes the divide between developers and users, supporting more strategic conversations, such as how OpenStack engages with adjacent communities. […]

on June 10, 2017

Kata Containers and OpenStack support open container standards

"OCI is an important place for the container ecosystem to come together and drive common formats across tools and deployments," says James Kulina, member of the Kata Containers Working Committee.

on March 14, 2018